Tuesday, August 18, 2009


From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed

Re: Do we really know what we're feeding our pets?

Hello again to you Alex, and your dog

In the Spring of 2007, pet owners across North America were devastated when upwards of 50,000 pet dogs and cats fell seriously ill after eating tainted pet food.

Many of the animals died. Menu Foods of Toronto, Canada the manufacturer, initiated the biggest recall of pet food in North American history.

In the wake of the scandal, the trust pet food makers so carefully nurtured with pet lovers has been severely shaken, and the $16 billion dollar pet food industry has come under public scrutiny as never before.

Pet owners and governments are asking: Is pet food both nutritious, and safe?
In many cases NO.Most dog and cat food contain poorly digestible Carbohydrates
as the FIRST ingredient. Why? Because they are CHEAPER to add vs better quality, more digestible animal protein.
In selecting a commercial kibble, ENSURE that animal protein is the FIRST ingredient.

You can get a List of my Advised Pet Food List by going here: "Heal Your Pet At Home!"

Does it live up to the claims of its makers? NOPE!
Leather boots, wood shavings and motor oil, which in theory could pass one of the minimum standards for pet food, even though it's inedible.

Pet Food maker are wonderful at making their product sound nutritious, and they add ALL sorts of healthy sounding ingredients, YET in may cases these are in such minute amounts they provide ZERO nutritional benefit.

I firmly believe that in most cases you would be better off to make your pet's own food - You then know the ingredients.
Then add in a Quality supplement. You can see my supplement here: "Heal Your Pet At Home!"

Is the industry adequately regulated? Not At all.
There is a VOLUNTARY governing body, but NO official government regulator- In Canada or the U.S.

Hence the entire Pet Food Recall fiasco.
For example look at how 'the law' treats pets: Pets are considered 'property', yet the pet food industry strongly promotes the view that pets are family members and markets its products on that basis.

Much is needed to change- yet there is little political will to do so.

P.S. So what should you do? Don't just stick with one so called 'trusted' brand. Many of these were affected with the Pet Food Recall.

Rotate the kibble. Make some of your own Pet Food at home.

Consider feeding Raw - even once a week.

TO get my ENTIRE Pet Food Report, including WHAT commercial foods I advise, the Recipes to feed, and HOW to start with Raw, go here: "Heal Your Pet At Home!"

P.P.S. In feeding ANYTHING to your dog, I advise a quality, complete supplement.

It can prevent disease, and add in the 'missing' nutrients lost in commercial food processing. You can grab your trial here: "Heal Your Pet At Home!"

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

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